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I would wholeheartedly recommend Brenda!
Creative Director
Brenda is also extremely well-organized and accomplishes a tremendous amount without compromising the quality of her work.
Senior SEO Marketing Manager
She was the first to jump into new projects with enthusiasm and always willing to delve into new technology to expand her capabilities and become an even greater organizational asset.
Senior SEO Marketing Manager
I would be absolutely delighted to work with Brenda again and recommend her without reservation. Hire her!
Senior SEO Marketing Manager
Brenda [was] an absolute pleasure to work with.
Creative Director
She is prompt and friendly, never missing time unexpectedly and got along very well with all of her colleagues.
She is very good at analytics and spotting trends.
Brenda is a personable professional with excellent analytical and technical skills who is devoted to customer and stakeholder success.
Senior SEO Marketing Manager
We always felt that she gave her best effort to be excellent in everything she did. All in all, Brenda was an excellent employee and someone you will find as a great addition to any team.
During my time as a colleague of Brenda's, she never hesitated to offer assistance or respond to questions.
Senior SEO Marketing Manager
She is driven to find new and better ways of doing things, adept at establishing new processes, and generous in sharing her expertise with others.
Senior SEO Marketing Manager
Brenda is a very good employee. Able to quickly learn new things. Produces quality work. Always willing to help and take on additional assignments. Recevied very strong feedback from the clients that Brenda supported.
Program/Project Manager
She was always positive, upbeat, and a consistently hard worker.
Creative Director
I've worked with Brenda on several projects over the last 10 years. She is extremely detailed oriented and thorough. Brenda always strives for the best with her work and is an excellent communicator. I would work with Brenda again in a heart beat.
Manager, Enterprise Services & Data
During her time with us, she was given the added responsibility of transforming our QA process into a custom, in-house, database driven online system because of her incredible attention to detail and dedication to quality.
Creative Director
I was her direct manager during her time at NetSource, first as a Programmer and Developer and next as an SEO/PPC Consultant; although I hesitate to say I "managed" her, since she is an incredible team worker and self-starter.
Creative Director
Her expertise and skills in the areas of database architecture, front-end development, data analytics, and search engine optimization would be an asset to any team.
Creative Director
I would wholeheartedly recommend Brenda!
Creative Director

About Me

I love working with technology and finding solutions to make tasks easier and, whenever possible, automated. In particular, I enjoy creating web applications that accomplish these two goals.

Over the years, I have worked with many technologies.

Here is a list of some of my skills:

Name of Skill Skill Levels:
(1) Aware Of
(2) Beginner
(3) Intermediate
(4) Proficient
(5) Expert
Experience Level
Years of
HTML/HTML5(4) Proficient23
CSS/CSS3(4) Proficient21
JavaScript(3) Intermediate13
PHP(3) Intermediate5
MySQL(3) Intermediate5
SQL Server(3) Intermediate23
T-SQL(4) Proficient23
MS Office(4) Proficient34
SEO(3) Intermediate9
PPC(3) Intermediate9
Google Sheets(3) Intermediate11

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Coding Recipes

Have you ever wanted to accomplish a specific task on your website, but were frustrated or overwhelmed by the many resources you had to go to in order to get all the details to complete the task? My coding recipes may be what you need.

See the coding recipes I've documented so far (new coding recipes are being added all the time).


If you're looking for a quick resource on a specific coding topic, check out my resource topics.

Here are some of the topics I have content for: