On this website I have created some personal projects. These projects help me with various tasks and have given me an opportunity to improve my web development skills.

Below you will find some details about some of these projects. Click any project to see more details about it.

Reading Dashboard

Reading Dashboard.

The Reading Dashbaord was created to track how many books I have and how many I have read. The current dashboard displays:

  • Percent of library read
  • Percent of libary read last year
  • Number of books to read to increase % read by 5%
  • Time series of % of owned books read
  • Books read compared to purchased each year
  • Running total of books owned vs. read

HIIT Workout Tracker

HIIT Workout Tracker initialization screen.

This is a timer I created to track progress of high intensity interval training workouts. The timer tracks:

  • Workout Warm-Up Time
  • Number of Intervals to Complete
  • Length of the Intense portion of each Interval
  • Length of the Recovery portion of each Interval
  • Workout Cool-Down Time

In addition, the user can:

  • Choose between presets: HIIT or Test
  • Switch between Minutes or Seconds for times
  • Toggle playing a sound for intervals

Idea Spot

Idea Spot calendar to track idea input.

I was looking for a way to easily keep track of new ideas I come up with on a daily basis. I also wanted a way to ensure I was coming up with at least 10 new ideas each day. The Idea Spot project allows me to:

  • See how many ideas have been added on each date
  • Add new ideas
  • Edit existing ideas
  • See a list of all ideas added
  • Add and edit idea categories
  • View ideas by category
  • View ideas for a particular date

Training Monitor

Training by Project list.

Keeping track of the training you accomplish helps you to stay accountable to yourself and ensure you keep moving forward. To help with tracking this I'm working on a Training Monitor. I would like the tool to track:

  • Courses in progress
  • Courses completed
  • Amount of training completed each month
  • Training I would like to take in the future

Trip Planner

From the summer of 2015 through the summer of 2018, I was spending quite a bit of time traveling around the United States.

The Trip Planner project was created to help me track where I was going and when, keep an itinerary of places to visit, and to help with step-by-step driving directions.

Weight Loss Tracker

Weight Loss Tracker dashboard.

A major goal of mine over the past few years has been to get to and maintain a healthy weight. The Weight Loss Tracker is a project I'm using to meet that goal, it allows me to:

  • Enter daily weight, caloric and excercise data
  • See a table of recent stats
  • Set and update goals
  • Calculate a good goal